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Dark Fates (A Paranormal Anthology) - Carrie Ann Ryan, Marie Harte, Ann Mayburn, Rebecca Royce, Lia Davis, Heather Long

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review."

I’m never sure how to write a review on boxed sets but this has six new paranormal romance stories by some really great writers. The Hunted Heart is by Carrie Ann Ryan and is about the doctor Noah and the pack Elder, Emeline.   They are trying to find a cure to help Noah get his eyesight back. Emeline has been alive hundreds of years and Noah is a lot younger. Emeline had a mate years ago but he wasn’t her true mate. Noah has to figure out how to get Emeline to acknowledge he is her true mate. He may be young but he’s determined.

Jackal’s Measure is by Marie Harte and tells the story of Tariq and Eden. This was a new story for me and I really enjoyed it. We see Tariq who is in Portland being bombarded by the god of chaos, Set.

Set wants Eden and commands Tariq bring her to him. We find out how strong these two people are in the story. Love always wins, right?

Alpha’s Sacrifice is by Rebecca Royce and tells the story of Hayden and his mate, Chelsea who is also a seer. The True Believers are involved in this story. Sit back in your chair and get ready for a true forever life mate. You don’t see this kind of love often so enjoy it when you can.

Touch of Desire by Lia Davis tells us the story of the submissive wolf, Cora, and the senior enforcer, Torin.   It tells how a person/wolf can take so much destruction, try to keep surviving, but not know where to get help. Cora’s wolf was dying from so much sadness that finally

Torin has to step up to bat. We see Cora as submissive but she’s got a strength that we find as we read. If you need some strength, read this cause she’s got some to share.


Sangue Fever by Ann Mayburn tells the story of Lisabetta, a vampire focused on revenge and now finds herself lonely and a heart encased in ice. Her Maker, Sargon, loves her and wants her to be happy. Can you find a life of love and happiness? Is there more than one way to be happy? She shows us that you can change your life if you are really determined.

Fobidden Rescue by Heather Long is the first book in a new series. Fox, the best Watcher at Enoch, Kincaide and Sage, protects Jubilee who just wants to protect her brother. This is not a love at first sight but it’s pretty close. It has a lot of excitement though so I think it’s going to be a great series.


I recommend this book for anyone looking for some excitement in their reading. All the books are written with strong people.