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Great Book! Can't wait to read the next one.

Against the Cage - Sidney Halston

I was given this as a gift by the author for a review. And this was also a new author to me. All I have to say is oh, my gosh! I loved it. When I first read what it was about I thought a police officer who is a cage fighter? Really? This isn’t going to be a very good book but I was so wrong. Jack Daniels (yes, you can laugh) grew up beside Chrissy and was her brother’s best friend. She left town when she turned eighteen and hasn’t been back since. Now she’s back and she’s not having a good day. Now she’s been pulled over and first thing she does is hit’s him in the private parts when she hands over her license. What a way to realize that you know him, huh? It’s hard for her to deal with her brother and Jack. She’s against violence and they seem to live for it as they fight. She has to learn how bad things can make you stronger. Also she learns the real reasons that Jack has to fight about.

I strongly recommend the book and the author. She knew exactly how to make a police officer into a cage fighter.