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Ordering Olivia  - Allie Standifer


“If I die now, would you please make sure my casket is open at the viewing? I just want to make sure everyone of my bitch goddess friends sees the size of the smile that I died with.”

I love it! You can tell Ethan has just made Olivia a very happy woman. And really, who doesn’t want a man like that? This is a short book but the action starts quick between the two of them. There’s a lot of action so you don’t really miss the longer book.

The Freaky Five is a group of five women that have become best friends and co-own a bar together. They have gotten together in the bar and started playing a game of play or pay (which they came up with last year while drunk). Olivia is the lucky woman who starts the game. She has decided to play because the one who pays has to do an interview with this woman whom she hates. She picks Ethan because she has been seeing him around town and has some hot dreams about him. This is definitely a summer game because it would melt the snow if played in winter. I guarantee you will enjoy this book.