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Romancing Recee - Allie Standifer


I was given this by the author to review.

Recee is the last member of The Freaky Five group of friends to play the game “Play or Pay”. She decides finding a man to love is the last thing she wants to do so she decides to pay instead of play. Her friends laugh and tell her that she doesn’t get a choice. They all played and found men to love so they were going to make her play, too. She decides that she will pick Garen to play with. Except, she would just tell them she was going to do it and then not do it. Boy, is she going to be surprised when they decide to force her to play their way.   This is a really good book. Recee is a strong person and can take care of herself but she has shut her emotional self down. Garen has his schedules and lists and hates to redo them. So what happens when the take charge girl messes up Garen’s schedule? Read this very good but short book. It starts out full of action and is one hot book.