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End of a great triology.

Forever Complete - Regina Frame

Finally we have come to the last book in the triology. Parker and Chloe are planning their wedding. So their life should be running smooth now. But it’s not. I have to say that I have enjoyed the first two books but this book is my favorite. The author, Regina Frame, has grown so much since the first book. You can see the confidence that she has gained and it shows in this book. There are so many emotions running around in here that you wouldn’t think it would work but it does. Parker is such a confident man but he gets knocked down in the beginning of this book. Then Chloe is just the opposite. She feels so insecure then grows confident that she is what Parker really wants. She becomes the strong person that he needs to help him in his life. I recommend reading all three books. You will really enjoy them.


I received a free copy for review.