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Are you ready to rub the genie in the back yard?

A Genie's Fortune: A Reluctant Mates Story - Jane Wakely

This is the 2nd book in the series and I thought it was just as good as the first book. You take a reluctant genie (and seriously, who doesn't want a genie?) and send him to meet a human. Oh, let's not forget, not only is he to meet her but he is also to tell her that the Council is making them get married. This is a great book where you get the genie in the back yard instead of in a bottle. Then mix in a little of the ex-husband and the ex-wife. And you get something better than a mixed drink. Then the genie's mother is also on the council so he goes to her for advice from his mother and she get's all council on his butt before giving him motherly advice. I think you will like it becuase it's not your typical fairy tale.


I was given a copy to review by the author.